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Funeral planner

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It is not common to speak with serenity about death. For a long time, I ran away from the subject. For a long time, I was afraid of it. And yet I became aware, the day I lost a loved one, that death was intimately linked to life. It is a logical and natural step in our existence and opens the way to other worlds. Since then, I feel at peace and the prospect of leaving one day no longer frightens me.

I wish to be present alongside the funeral planners and to accompany, in my own way, the bereaved families. Together, we will succeed in keeping the memory of the deceased alive and in paying tribute to them. We can change the way people look at death and propose beautiful things in these difficult moments.


"The beauty of death is presence. The inexpressible presence of loved ones, smiling at our tearful eyes. The mourned one is gone, not gone.

We no longer see his sweet face; we feel ourselves under his wings.

The dead are the invisible ones, but they are not the absent ones ". Victor Hugo.

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