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MDAUTEUIL is a Canadian designer who lived in France for a few years and now settled in Finland.

Artist since 2006, it combines several elements: bones, glass, soot, snake moults, blood, metals, stones, insects, dried short, any matter natural is an inspiration.


Her pregnancies had an impact on her work: the Cartesian lines gave way to curves and movement. Her previous jobs as a jeweler and glass blower as well as her studies in psychology have influenced her relationship to the materials used and to their disposal.


Memories in Green




Having lived his childhood in the great woods of northern Canada, MDAUTEUIL's artistic work is strongly imbued with an ecological conscience.


Remarkably meticulous, his fascinating compositions uniquely combine creation and memory.

Each memory is a unique moment in a story : a wedding bouquet, a jewel of a loved one or the bones of a pet offer new feelings in the hands of the artist.

Over time, MDAUTEUIL gleans and collects different meaningful materials : precious metals, pieces of blown glass, jewelry or even organic materials gathering leaves, mushrooms, fish skins. Wood and stainless steel will then serve as supports for his art.


In the development phase as well as for the proper conservation of its works, MDAUTEUIL favors natural acids and water-based products. The unique mix of recycled materials, bones, wood, seeds or dried flowers is transformed into rich semi-precious textures.

His poetic and artistic creations carry a strong message, the aim of which is also to raise society's awareness of environmental issues.

Each composition is a unique little world, a wall jewel adorned with plant and animal decor, a planet offering a new story around being and memory.




  • 2019 | Member of Helsinki International Artist Association, Helsinki, Finland

  • 2011 to 2016  | Member of  Board of Directors Cooperative Radar (artists and cultural workers), Montreal, Canada

  • 2003  | Montreal School of Jewelry, Level 2 Certificate, Montreal, Canada

  • 2003  | Private lessons, specialty glass fusion, Gérald Collard workshop, Montreal,  Canada




  • 2020 | AVA Galleria, solo exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

  • 2019 | Tatinis Art Show, collective exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

  • 2014 | Cultural and community house  de Montréal Nord, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada

  • 2012 | What's up,  solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada

  • 2011-2012 | Ka-Life-Art Gallery,  collective exhibition, Montreal Canada

  • 2011 | Crystal prison, Apollo Agency, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada

  • 2010 | Modern urban art, loft Desjardins, solo exhibition, Montreal,  Canada

  • 2009 | Aikawa Gallery, solo exhibition, Montreal,  Canada

  • 2009 | Piccolo Diavolo, solo exhibition, Montreal,  Canada

  • 2009 | Expo Solo, Van Horne space, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada





  • 2014 | School project , Vincent Massé School,  Secondary group III, Montreal

  • 2013 | Joe Omobono and Julien-Ferrari Fund, Longueuil,  Canada

  • 2012 | The Pink Charity, Montreal, Canada

  • 2012 | Artsida4 Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal,  Canada

  • 2012 | Media launch of Artsida4, Dental Gallery, Montreal, Canada

  • 2010 | Come What May, Farha Foundation, Montreal, Canada

  • 2009 | La toile en santé, Complexe Desjardins, Montreal, Canada

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