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Le Bouquet de Laure-Elaine, Maria rosa, international

   Laure-Elaine's Bouquet

Laure-Élaine's Bouquet

55x78 cm

Environmentally friendly Finnish birch wood, rose petals (Vancouver), 24 carat gold, UV varnish. Framing included.

Value: 2075 euros

Charity artwork

Go fund me Laure-Elaine, mdauteuil artiste visuelle, Canada

​I will be donating one of my artworks for a cause that really touched my heart.  Our loving family at heart, our dear friends,  are going through difficult time. 


At the beginning of 2020, Laure-Élaine suffered a massive  stroke that left her  paralyzed.  Since then, she has made enormous progress but there is still a long way to go before a recovery which will allow her a certain autonomy. 


In the painting, you can see rose petals on it.  John, her son,  made his mother a magnificent bouquet and offered her during a visit to the rehabilitation center. 


These petals left Vancouver to join me in Finland.  It is a work of love, empathy and courage. 

I decided to give the entire amount of the sale of the artwork to the family. The money will help the family with the costs associated with treatment and the purchase of equipment for Laure-Elaine's rehabilitation.


Marie-Hélène M.d'Auteuil 

Le Bouquet des gens qui s'aiment, Maria Rosa Green Art, Suède

Exhibition in Sweden


The Friendship Bouquet

71x80 cm

Environmentally friendly Finnish birch wood, rose petals (Helsinki and Espoo), lily, pansies (Espoo), crocus (Cowansville), clover (Tokyo), mysterious flowers (Waswanipi) on glass, 24-carat gold, UV varnish. Framing included.

Value: 3215 euros


collective exhibition

With the collaboration of Helsinki International Artists Association,

MDAUTEUIL has the opportunity to exhibit an artwork that represents the COVID-19 virus and its global scope.

During the pandemic, she threw a bottle into the sea;

Make a collective artwork by keeping the flowers that people received or gave as gifts during confinement. From Japan to Canada, letters filled with words and petals arrived in the workshop in Finland.


"These times are difficult, but there are bonds that have been woven for life, hearts that have been opened, powerful tears and laughter that will remain etched forever"

She sends a message of hope through this painting which has the shape of the coronavirus, of course, but it also has the shape of a planet and on this one, there is beauty.

The story behind:

We live on this planet

In a new world

One black side, one white side

This planet without handshake

Without kisses on the cheeks

Let us be solitary patients, united

Let's all stay together in our hearts

Let's stop playing war

Let's build an unwavering collective pride.

* Thanks to Fred Pellerin for the inspiration

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