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"Cultivate the future,

one flower at a time,

for a more world

durable and colorful."

About Maria Rosa

A visionary dedicated to floral art

I am Maria Rosa, an artist passionate about captivating the ephemeral beauty of flowers and transforming them into timeless artworks. My background in the visual arts has shaped my artistic sensitivity and allowed me to develop a unique approach to floral creation.

Creativity and commitment

In my workshop, I use my creativity to give a second life to surplus flowers, transforming them into unique and inspiring artistic pieces. Each creation is the fruit of my passion for artistic expression and my desire to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us. Guided by a deep respect for the environment, I am committed to adopting sustainable practices in each of my projects.

An environmental mission

In collaboration with partners, I am committed to an active fight against floral waste, by offering a new one for surplus flowers. Each petal saved becomes an opportunity to spread joy and contribute to a more ecological world. From creating unique works of art to delivering bouquets to our seniors' homes, I strive to make a positive difference in our society.

An invitation to explore

I invite you to discover my floral universe, where each creation tells a unique story and arouses deep emotions. Whether you are an art lover, a nature lover or simply eager for new inspiration, you will find in my works an inexhaustible source of wonder and reflection.
I also wish to open this invitation to those who have a taste for big projects, to visionaries who seek to transcend the boundaries of creativity. Whether to enrich public spaces or to bring bold architectural concepts to life, I am convinced that our collaboration could be a source of inspiration and remarkable achievements.

Let's bloom together

Join me in this artistic and ecological adventure, where creativity, professionalism and respect for nature are at the heart of each creation. Together, let's cultivate a more beautiful and more harmonious world, where the splendor of flowers illuminates our lives and inspires our daily lives.

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