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The FloweRescue Garden

Thousands of surplus flowers found their place in my artistic project.

My project focuses on creating a growing mural, aiming to integrate into large architectural projects and redefine interior spaces. Each work uses flower petals, transformed into durable and unique pieces of art. Made from eco-responsible Finnish birch, my creations reflect my commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

The incorporation of gold leaf adds a dimension of luxury and preciousness. This mural, composed of multiple modular works, can be adapted to fit harmoniously into various interior spaces.


Works Available for Sale

The mural artworks can be acquired individually, giving each customer the opportunity to own a small piece of this grand project. Each of the pieces can be framed, allowing each collector to create their own artistic garden at home.

Access the list of available works

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Collaborations and Adaptability

By collaborating with interior designers, my goal is to create unique and immersive atmospheres, capable of demarcating places and enriching visitors' visual experiences. This approach allows my works to flourish in large-scale projects, bringing an artistic and eco-responsible touch to varied environments.

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Initiatives and Commitments Related to the Mural

Alongside my artistic endeavors, I am actively involved in volunteering with FloweRescue , an organization that fights against floral waste by redistributing surplus to elderly care facilities and charities. Personally involved in regular deliveries to elderly people's homes in Helsinki, I strengthen intergenerational ties and bring joy to residents. My artistic project is part of an artistic upcycling approach, transforming existing materials into significant works of art. All flowers used come from floral surpluses. In addition, for each piece sold, I donate 50 euros to FloweRescue to support their initiatives.

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