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Originally from northern Quebec, I was born in 1984. I grew up surrounded by the great Canadian woods and majestic wildlife. Since my earliest childhood, nature has been omnipresent in my life. It has become, over time, an essential element for my well-being and my balance.

During my secondary studies, I chose to follow the "Plastic Arts" option. As a teenager, I remain deeply marked by this first encounter with art. At only 15 years old, my teacher diligently teaches us drawing and pushes us to go beyond the limits of our own creativity. A real favorite for the discipline, drawing has naturally become part of my daily life. It becomes my escape from a society in which I do not recognize myself. My limitless imagination allows me to escape into fictional worlds -often made of black and white- and to give life to tolerant characters, which I find nowhere else. So I draw for fun and to distract myself without even thinking about this precise moment that I will be able to make it my profession.

Despite everything, I have always been attracted by professions related to creation and artistic craftsmanship. I therefore spontaneously head towards artistic fields.

In 2003, I went to take jewelry courses at the School of Jewelry in Montreal and I trained in parallel with blown glass. Three years later, I began studying psychology at university. At that time, I put the Human at the center of my concerns and I tried to understand what was at stake in each of us.


In 2008, an accident in Mexico forced me to stop everything. I find myself forced to slow down and take care of my health for four months. I resume, not without chance, the path that is intended for me: art. For the first time, painting comes to me and takes on an increasingly significant place.

Encouraged and supported by my parents and loved ones, I made the choice to take a new turn and officially become an artist. Everything is swirling around in my head. A second life is offered to me and everything is to be built. However, I very quickly knew how to give a deep meaning to my practice.

I choose to call myself “MDauteuil” because it is a rare surname in Quebec, but above all because it symbolically connects me to my family. I have great respect for my ancestors and the transmission of values. I'm nostalgic for certain eras, that's why I keep many memories to never forget the bygone times.


Memories in Green




My first pregnancy was the trigger for an artistic approach that respects the environment. Cartesian lines give way to curves and movements. Motherhood upsets me and brings me closer to my priorities. I then take a close interest in the composition of the products with which we are confronted daily and I personally limit their use.

I already wanted my son to have a “zero waste” future, so I started to transform everything little by little. I dreamed of creating “beauty” with second-hand products, too often abandoned.

The famous quote "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" by the French chemist Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier has become my mantra, the red thread of my approach.

My works created from bones, wood, seeds, mushrooms, fish skins and more broadly recycled materials are only the artistic transcription of my way of life and my deep values. My universe is tinged with a strong ecological footprint that I already fully assumed at the time and which allows me today to be recognized and appreciated by my peers and many collectors.


My university career greatly influenced my artistic work and the vision I had of matter and volume.

My sources of inspiration are endless and guided by the richness of nature. But it's true that two creators also inspire me a lot and nourish my creativity. They are Polly Morgan and Marc Séguin.


The first artist, British, is a taxidermist. It is thanks to his singular universe that I developed my attraction for working with bones and that I learned to accept the idea of death as a natural stage of existence.


Marc Séguin is Canadian. A world-renowned painter, I am drawn to his socially engaged works - paintings, books, films - and his fascinating relationship to the notion of freedom.




  • 2022... | Volunteer at Rescue Flower, Helsinki, Finland

  • 2019... | Member of Helsinki International Artist Association, Helsinki, Finland

  • 2011 to 2016 | Board member  Cooperative Radar (artists and cultural workers), Montreal, Canada

  • 2003 | Montreal School of Jewelry, Level 2 Certificate, Montreal, Canada

  • 2003 | Private lessons, glass fusion specialty, Gérald Collard workshop, Montreal, Canada



  • 2023 Hiaa Fest 2023, collective exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

  • 2023 Patio, collective exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland

  • 2023 | WRP Foundation, collective exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland

  • 2023 | WRP Foundation, collective exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland

  • 2022 | Jadore Studio, solo exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

  • 2022 Hiaa Fest, collective exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

  • 2022 | Art and Craft market, collective exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

  • 2020 | AVA Galleria, solo exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

  • 2019 | Tatinis Art Show, collective exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

  • 2014 | Cultural and Community House of Montreal North, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada

  • 2012 | Quoi de N'Oeuf, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada

  • 2011-2012 | Ka-Life-Art Gallery,  collective exhibition, Montreal Canada

  • 2011 | Crystal prison, Apollo Agency, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada

  • 2010 | Modern urban art, loft Desjardins, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada

  • 2009 | Aikawa Gallery, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada

  • 2009 | Piccolo Diavolo, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada

  • 2009 | Expo Solo, Van Horne space, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada


  • 2014 | School project, Vincent-Massé School, Secondary Group III, Montreal,  Canada

  • 2013 | Joe Omobono and Julien-Ferrari Fund, Longueuil, Canada

  • 2012 | The Pink Charity, Montreal, Canada

  • 2012 | Artsida4 Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal, Canada

  • 2012 | Media launch of Artsida4, Dental Gallery, Montreal, Canada

  • 2010 | Come What May, Farha Foundation, Montreal, Canada

  • 2009 | The Healthy Web, Complexe Desjardins, Montreal, Canada ​​​​​​​

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Photographer: Jessica Desjardins

Production , photography and editing: Isabelle Courville

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