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Maria-Rosa is constantly evolving. Over the past 3 years, the project has been growing and experiencing exponential development. As the sole initiator of this endeavor, I later felt the need to expand the family. I wanted to be surrounded by passionate and creative individuals with whom I could build a strong and long-lasting connection.

The enthusiasm of my future partners for my original creations was immediate. We quickly found ourselves working together with kindness hand in hand. Beyond our admiration for each other's talents, we all share common values. I make it a point to collaborate only with ethical, small-scale businesses that prioritize ecological commitment. I am particularly attentive to those with eco-responsible labels and environmentally friendly working methods.


Today, several women and organizations accompany me on this adventure.

The first one is the founder of Créateurs d’Histoires. Established in 2020, the agency's mission is to showcase and promote the art of craftsmanship while highlighting individuals with valuable expertise. Through this unique concept, creators and enthusiasts, both individuals and professionals, are brought together to create custom collaborative projects.

Camille Joslet, Createurs d'histoires

Camille Joslet,  founder of Créateurs d’Histoires

lea Garcia, Bombofleurs

Léa, better known as Bombofleurs , is an artisan florist. Her imagination and her limitless creativity can be found in her floral compositions. Both work around sustainable development and highlight natural materials.

Léa Garciaartisan florist, Bombofleurs

FloweRescue, our valuable collaborator, led by its founder, Kati Mayfield, is dedicated to rescuing forgotten floral treasures. They gather these beautiful flowers from wholesalers and event organizers, giving them a fresh start. Each week, their volunteers sort, revive, and care for these flowers, adding a touch of happiness and kindness to each petal they save. Once they're ready, these rescued flowers are sent to retirement homes, charitable partners, and community art projects, spreading joy through every bouquet.


Kati Mayfield accompanied by few volunteers from FloweRescue


Thana Nanou, whom I affectionately call 'âme-fleur,' works as a thanatopractor. Her unique journey has led her to demystify death and break the taboos surrounding grief. By sharing her innovative perspective on the 'other world' and offering her kindness, she makes an invaluable contribution to this human journey. I would like to warmly thank her for her precious presence.

Thana Nanou, thanatopractor

The concept of partnership is essential to me. These women are fully integrated into my artistic journey. For this reason, I consider them as full-fledged members of my team. From the outset, I wholeheartedly invest in the development of their organizations by rewarding them for every order generated through their recommendations. When it comes to nonprofit associations, I also commit as a volunteer and support them in related artistic projects. It was more than just offering support; I was passionate about financially backing them. Like a hummingbird, I contribute my part to the structure and prosperity of their own projects. The same approach will apply to others.

In the years to come, I am eager to build, around Maria-Rosa, a network of professionals in complementary sectors to mine and introduce them to the general public. Whether you are artisans, florists, wedding, or funeral planners located in Europe, and you wish to offer your clients the preservation of their memories through unique works of art, please contact me via the form below.

Through my collaborations, I aim to highlight "eco-art" and advocate for the idea that we must take care of nature and all its riches. Together, we can sow and nurture beautiful things!

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Thank you !

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