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Precious collaborators

Today, several women are with me. Partnership is essential for me; I consider my partners as full members of my team. I actively support them, rewarding each order resulting from their recommendations and committing myself financially to their side. For non-profit organizations, I also participate as a volunteer and in related artistic projects.

In the years to come, I hope to create a network of complementary professionals, such as craftsmen, florists, wedding and funeral planners, to offer unique works of art. If you are in Europe and want to preserve your customers' memories, contact me using the form below.

Through my collaborations, I highlight ecological art and the need to take care of nature. Together, we can sow and make great initiatives germinate!


Camille Joslet

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Créateurs d'Histoires, founded in 2020 by Camille Joslet, this agency values and promotes artistic craftsmanship by highlighting artisans with exceptional know-how. Thanks to their unique concept, creators and enthusiasts, whether individuals or professionals, come together to create tailor-made projects.



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    Léa Garcia, known as Bombofleurs, is an artisan florist whose boundless imagination and creativity are reflected in her floral arrangements. It uses natural materials and focuses on sustainable development. Together, we collaborate to preserve memorable bouquets, such as those from weddings, transforming them into lasting works of art.



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    FloweRescue , our valued collaborator, under the able leadership of its founder, Kati Mayfield, is dedicated to the recovery of abandoned floral treasures. They collect these gems from wholesalers and event planners, breathing new life into them. Each week, their volunteers sort, rehydrate and cherish these flowers, bringing a dose of joy and generosity to each saved petal. Once ready, these rescued flowers make their way to retirement homes, charitable partners, and community art projects, spreading happiness through each bouquet.


    Thana Nanou

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    Thana Nanou , whom I affectionately call “flower soul,” works as an embalmer. Her unique journey has led her to demystify death and break the taboos of mourning. By sharing her innovative vision of “the other world” and offering her kindness, she makes an invaluable contribution to this human adventure. I also work alongside him to preserve the flowers of mourning, transforming these expressions of sympathy into lasting works of art. I would like to thank her warmly for her precious presence.



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