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Maria Rosa Memories in Green Art best international artist
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Your bouquet immortalized in
an artwork 



 Anniversary Bouquet of flowers by maria rosa international

You receive a bouquet for a special occasion such as a wedding, an anniversary, a graduation, a funeral...and you would like to keep this souvenir?

flowers herbarium maria rosa international artist

I send you a press to preserve, dry and ship your petals safely. You fill it and send it back to me. For a question of logistics, Europe is the only continent served for the moment. (see the video)

 Artwork in progress

Your petals are delicately placed with a brush on a local and eco-responsible wood. A high quality anti-uv varnish is used to ensure longevity to the artwork. 

About Maria Rosa

Maria rosa atelier moi.jpg

Maria-Rosa is the culmination of long years of practice and personal experimentation. Much more than a new project, it is my best life philosophy and represents everything I am. You will no doubt have understood that Maria-Rosa is me: a fulfilled woman, an artist committed to the environment and a mother concerned about the future of her children.

2020 marks a new stage in my career as an artist. The name chosen is not the result of chance. It refers to the nickname given by my friends and collectors in Montreal, influenced by the pink streak that highlights my hair. It is also the name of my great-grandmother. It is a sweet and intimate tribute to my family and my elders, to whom I have unconditional love.

I moved to Finland in February 2019. I have lived in three different countries and I travel  the world regularly. Travel is also part of my life. I feed on both the treasures of nature but also human encounters. Cultural diversity is for me a real richness and a source of inspiration. I am convinced that people come to us for a reason and I do not believe so much in chance. Some stories touch me, so  I make unique artworks. I have been involved for a long time in various charitable causes (medical research, war, etc.) because I deeply love mankind and am sensitive to their stories. This need to reconnect with others is accentuated by my expatriate situation. I think the role of the artist is also to create links and positively impact the world around us. In turn, I give my time and my sensitivity to create artworks that pay tribute to atypical life paths. I like to think that the creative context in which I evolve is a big whole, made up of “little nothings” (simple everyday happiness) and overwhelming encounters.


During my first solo exhibition in Helsinki in 2020, I presented a series created only from organic materials. I did not expect such enthusiasm. To welcome me and congratulate me on the quality of my work, someone gave me a bouquet of tulips. I took the time to look around me, to “freeze frame” and strangely I realized that none of my paintings were made with flowers. From then on, I promised myself to create only art with dried flower petals.


Maria-Rosa was born that evening in my mind and in the greatest of secrets. The first creations in this direction appeared a year later. Indeed, I worked diligently, step by step, to develop a unique technique to naturally preserve the flowers and converse their specificities. Of course, I prefer wooden supports (Finnish birch precisely), water-based products and the paint used, produced by a Swedish company, has an eco-responsible label.

Thinking about it more closely, the work of flowers is a no-brainer. It's true that I've always had a special relationship with flora, no doubt because it was unpleasant for me to see a bouquet wither. I've never really accepted the idea that we can part with it, make it fall into oblivion, when we know what it represents both for the person who offers it but also for the who receives it. For many years, I had taken the habit of collecting and preserving all kinds of flowers in my studio. Those collected during my walks and my travels, those offered for special occasions. I have always been surrounded by a multitude of petals and the memories that accompany them. I arrived in Finland with arms full of flowers. Fascinated by their beauty and their colors, I am especially sensitive to their symbolism. A bouquet is above all a highlight of life: sad or joyful, it is the reflection of precious and solemn moments.


My slogan “Memories in green art” sums up my approach perfectly. My floral artworks are the unusual combination between artistic creation and the preservation of memories. They mark, for eternity, singular moments in a story. Each bouquet ordered plunges me into a new destiny and the secrets of its memories. Through my creations and the strong message that emanates from them, I also invite the viewer to reflect on environmental issues.


Maria-Rosa has been constantly evolving for two years. The enthusiasm encountered by collectors and new partners, in Canada and in Europe, invites me to develop the project and give it ever greater scope. To be continued…

Each memory is a unique moment in a story . Supporting people through the highlights of their lives is a privilege for me."

My engagements

custom artworks

 Maria Rosa best artist 2020, Custom framing Helsinki, Finland, Harri Virtanen.

Custom Framing

Each artwork is framed according to your wishes. The framing can be done by me or by a local specialized craftsman.


Local and eco-friendly materials

I am committed to reducing my environmental impact by purchasing eco-friendly materials, buying from local businesses and promoting companies that are doing something good for the planet.



The finalized artwork will be shipped in secure packaging, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, a tracking number and will be insured.  Packaging and shipments are an integral part of a sustainable development approach.

 maria rosa by mdauteuil best artist 2020 best organic artworks, nordic artworks


I will be in contact with you during the whole process of creation. Videos and photos will be sent to you throughout the creation of your floral artwork.

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